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We're all about Tezos.

xtez.io is your premier source for everything Tezos related. We’ll help you create a Tezos wallet and delegate your tokens. You can also use our free block explorer and charts.

Our wallet is an open-source, client-side interface. You can use it to interact directly with the blockchain while retaining full control of your funds and keys.

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Delegated Proof of Stake

Tezos’ Delegated Proof of Stake system works by letting every stakeholder designate one or several delegates of their choice to create blocks and validate transactions on their behalf. The higher the stake delegated to a given validator, the more often will they be called upon to create blocks.

How can I participate?
Earn Rewards

With xtez.io as your Tezos delegate, you’ll earn rewards in the form of newly baked tokens.

We Pay Your Bonds

We completely eliminate your risk by paying the security deposit for you.

High Profile Security

To add an extra layer of security, we use fully redundant and high-availability servers.


Technical documentation about Tezos collected in one place that attempts to make things easier to understand.

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Tezos Foundation

The Foundation’s primary focus is the promotion and development of the Tezos protocol and related technologies.

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Active Communities

Join the Tezos community, where you can connect with developers and other users, ask questions, or just hang out.

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