Delegate your XTZ securely

With as your Tezos delegate, you'll earn rewards in the form of newly baked tokens. We completely eliminate your risk by paying your security deposit for you. We don’t ask for any personal information.

You never send XTZ to us, you only give us permission to bake for you. The tokens never leave your wallet, so there is no risk of losing them.

Delegate Identity:


Delegation Payout: 5.25% (Annual)

  • Next Payout: Cycle 21 (for Cycles 8-14)
  • Baking Balance: 3,279,685.10ꜩ
  • Blocks Baked / Endorsements: 0 / 0
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100% Guaranteed Uptime

We've minimized the downtime risk to levels which solo bakers, relying on the available mass solutions, could never achieve.

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Tracking System

You can easily keep track of your delegation profits, history and statistics using our flexible and clean web application.

High Profile Security

To add an extra layer of security, we are working with fully redundant and high-availability Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers.

Our Vendors

Amazon Web Services
Red Hat Linux